The Night of the Rabbit Demo released

November 21, 2013

Mousewood is finally open for visits! You weren't sure if these magical forests are your cup of tea? Why don't you take a stroll through them and draw your own conclusions? Come on, don't be shy! Players can enjoy the game's beginning and also venture to Mousewood, solving the first mysteries of this enchanted place [read more]

New Patch released

November 18, 2013

Good news from Mousewood! Update 1.2 fixes several minor bugs and brings The Night of the Rabbit up to date. Everything is carefully arranged: Wander back into the otherworldly woods or adventure through Mousewood for the first time! The forest have never been denser, the dangers have never been closer and the bunnies have never [read more]

The Night of the Rabbit out now!

May 29, 2013

Game or the premium version, which includes the beautiful soundtrack as well as an audiobook of short stories taking place in the magical realm of mousewood. Go, follow the white rabbit to a magical world of adventure! Free your imagination and lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and [read more]

Look behind the scenes with the Developers Diary

May 24, 2013

Have you ever wondered how a game gets developed? You want to know more about The Night of the Rabbit? We present to you: part one of the Developers Diary. Watch creator Matt Kempke and Ulrich Wanitschke as they talk about the game and the development. There will be three episodes and they come out [read more]

The Mouseification continues

May 17, 2013

Give your PC an individual note. In addition to our wallpapers we’re proud to present to you: beautiful The Night of the Rabbit cursors in the media section of this site. But that’s not all. There’s also something new in the characters section. On Wednesday Ursula and the Circle of Moonlight already joined our party. [read more]

The inhabitants of Mousewood introduce themselves as well as some additional extras

May 13, 2013
Mousewood is full of interesting and unique residents and we would like to introduce some of them to you. That’s why over the next few weeks you’ll find new characters from the Night of the Rabbit on this site. We start with Plato the frog, music lover and Mouswood’s mailman. With his trusty bike he [read more]

Welcome to the enchanted world of Mousewood – and here’s the official trailer!

May 6, 2013

May 29th draws closer and so does the release of 'The Night of the Rabbit'. To sweeten the bitter remaining downtime we present to you the official trailer to this lovingly designed adventure. Join Jerry, the Marquis and their friends on a journey through a realm of magic and wonder. This trailer impressively showcases some [read more]

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!

April 22, 2013
Greetings, and welcome , here on the official homepage of Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming adventure. You're just one step away from entering the enchanting world of 'The Night of the Rabbit'. Meet Jerry and join him on his journey to magic realms and fantastic adventures. During the next couple of weeks and also after the game's [read more]

The Game

Daedalic Entertainment presents a new creation of Matthias Kempke who has already made a mark among adventure fans with his What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time among adventure fans.


  • A mysterious world:: Unravel the Marquis de Hoto's sinister secret, travelling through Mousewood and far portal worlds.
  • Hand drawn HD-graphics: Let more than 50 carefully hand drawn HD sceneries and over 40 lovingly animated characters put a spell on you.
  • Enchanting soundtrack: One hour of music composed exclusively for this game, sophisticated ambient sounds and fully voiced dialogues bring the magic to your ears
  • Bonus content: Unlock a multitude of extras, like a segmented audio book, an enigmatic card deck and funny stickers. Collect them all and learn more about Mousewood's people.
  • Tricky puzzles: It will take all your wit and cunning to master the portal worlds' different spells and solve the mysteries surrounding Mousewood and the Marquis.

System Requirements (PC)

  • 2,5 GHz Single-Core-Processor or 2 GHz Dual-Core-Processor
  • 2GB RAM (2,5 if Windows Vista/7/8 OS)
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics board with 256MB RAM (shared memory not recommended)
  • DirectX9.0c compatible soundboard
  • 6 GB HD space
  • DVD drive
  • Mouse

System Requirements (Mac)

  • OS: MacOS X Lion (10.7)
  • 2 GHZ (Dual Core) Intel
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 6 GB HD space


After a long summer day
In a place not far away …
A boy named Jeremiah Hazelnut was tugged in bed
To dream of the dream that he always had.
Every night to his mother Jerry did say
“I want to be a magician one day!”
And each night she would reply – as mothers do –
“One day, sweet son, your dream will come true.”
And as mothers do she kissed him good night
Soon Jeremiah Hazelnut would sleep tight …
And soon – very soon – as dreams sometimes do …
The dream that he had … would come true.

He was not mistaken. Behind his own reflection in the clear window glass the Treewalker could see him sleeping. The boy with the dream.
Jeremiah Hazelnut. The Marquis de Hoto's new student.
With a fleeting smile, he imagined his apprentice's face when he'd see him, a six foot rabbit wearing a flamboyant red tailcoat, for the first time.
Soon however, the young human would realize, this was only the beginning of a fantastic journey.
A journey free of boundaries...
...between worlds.
...between possibilities.
Every step a step towards adventure on his path of mastering the art of arts: Magic.
For a few elusive moments the Marquis gave in to the warmth of precious memories; but eventually, the nocturnal wind's chill dragged his wandering thoughts back to reality, reminding him of this unfamiliar feeling of restlessness and dark clouds gathering on the horizon.
Tomorrow his apprentice's training would begin.
The magician threw a last glance through the small house's window, before he stepped into the night's shadows.
Yes, great things awaited this boy.


JerryMarquis de HotoPlatoThe Wood DwarvesThe Circle of MoonlightUrsulaThe Backpack Mouse
The Shady StrangersMr Churchmouse and his son JuniorKonradKitsuneHumbertThe WoodspriteBasho

Jerry Hazelnut

jerry'Anything is possible on a day in summer vacation!'

And since he still has two days of summer vacation left, there should be plenty of adventure ahead for a boy like Jerry.
Whether it's the occasional blackberry-mission for his mother, deep-forest expeditions, or following the trail of the legendary Gremlinwolf: Jerry's imagination knows no bounds.
If only school wasn't starting again in two days: Math, leaky pens... hard wooden benches, dry chalk dust...not to mention the disturbing lack of appreciation towards a certain aspiring magician's tricks, even though Jerry's greatest dream is to become a famous illusionist!
It's not easy being a twelve year old.
But that won't stop Jeremiah Hazelnut!

Marquis de Hoto

jerry'Nothing is impossible...'

…after all he is a human-sized talking rabbit who mastered all of magic's facets. As he wandered between countless worlds, the piercing red eyes of the Marquis de Hoto have, without doubt, seen the strangest and most fascinating of places. Magic itself seems to guide this spellcasting rabbit to wherever his aid is needed.
So it doesn't seem like a coincidence that, of all people, he crosses the path of Jerry Hazelnut, whose greatest dream is to become a real magician.
But is this all he has in store for Jerry? You might wonder if there is more to the Marquis' plan. This magician, however, always keeps his secrets to himself...


PlatoPlato is a frog in his prime and a bon vivant of the old block. No one in Mousewood probably has a bigger collection -or passion- for Jazz and Swing: music, filling the streets with life and rhythm back in the days.

As an enthusiastic singer and violinist he dearly misses the times when he played gigs with the band on many of Mousewood's clearings.

But since music alone does not keep you alive, Plato rides his trusty bike every morning and makes sure everyone in Mousewood gets their mail.

The Wood Dwarves

WaldzwergThe Wood Dwarves of Mousewood are famous for their homebrewn Blue Juice. The people of Mousewood hope very much, that somewhere hidden beneath the grumpy and stern surface the Wood Dwarfes are just as sweet as their best selling beverage.

The Circle of Moonlight

 The Circle of MoonlightThey are nomads from a different world, living in solitude on the highest peaks of the north-western woods.
Little is known about them, but their story is a truly sad one.
A story about restlessness and a home long lost.
Don't be lead astray by their alien appearance. These travellers are wary, but even in the face of all the suffering they have seen, their hearts are kind and they guard the mystic knowledge of the worlds they left behind before they chose Mousewood as their home.


 UrsulaWell, who's this little owl? Meet Ursula Owl. She's the niece of Mousewood's counsel chairman. This adorable barrel of monkeys may need your help very soon...

The Backpack Mouse

 The Backpack MouseThis little fellow earns his living by doing small jobs around Mousewood. But it's not easy to be a mouse these days. Some of his friends disappeared during the last crow attack and now on top of all things a ghost seems to be shadowing each of his steps!

The Shady Strangers

 The Shady StrangersLately mysterious strangers have been seen around Mousewood. If you run into one of them you'll surely hear him saying: "We have arrived. We will be the solution." Some claim the strangers are trying to sell something ... but what?

Mr Churchmouse and his son Junior

Mr Churchmouse and his son JuniorChurchmice aren't in the position to give quality items away for free, but if you can pay and are in need of things, stuff or junk then Mr. Churchmouse and his son junior will gladly help you out. Right Junior? ... Junior?


 KonradAs a senior member of the Mousewood City Council Conrad the Owl holds a lot of responsibility. If only his niece Ursula and his chuckling colleague Jonathan Squirrel weren't keeping him from doing his work! And to make things worse a lot of strangers are arriving in town and talk of magic and other oddities. How's an owl supposed to work like that?


 Kitsune'Hihihi, so you've found me...'
There are rumors about a strange fox roaming the forest at night.
No one knows its business, or why it strides through Mousewood. They say, foxes are masters of disguise, even capable of shpaeshifting. Only those who match a fox's cunning can see through their masquerade.
Don't let them fool you, for foxes play games only by their own rules.
And only they know, if they wish you well...or harm.


 HumbertWhen someone in Mousewood screams for sweets and keeps the citizens of the usually quiet town on their toes, Humbert probably isn't very far. The little scoundrel causes a lot of trouble, which, according to his mouse sitter Anja, is down to the fact that the gifted little rascal constantly feels not challenged enough.

The Woodsprite

 The WoodspriteBetween here and yonder, between what we call reality and the realm of dreams wanders the Woodsprite - a collector of tales. If you walk deep into the woods you're likely to run into him one day. And maybe he'll write a story about you!


 BashoIn a place far away from Mousewood, bereft of any human noise, you may come across this scholar. Withdrawn to the solitude of the woods, the poet listens to the sound of nature, waiting for the spark of inspiration.


Concerning Mousewood

When taking on a journey, it's always important to keep your home in mind once more before you leave. But be careful, or else you will get lost in thought before you could even get lost on your journey!
Especially if your home is as beautiful as Mousewood.

Yes, when I think of my neighbors' friendly faces, whether they're frogs, weasels, owls or mice, I always know why it feels so good to return home again.

As much as I love to answer the call of open road and far shores, nothing comes close to treading on Mousewood's healthy earth, the green leaves' shade above me. Just like the wide world, this place has plenty to offer!

Trees, growing so high their branches seem to span the whole forest. And near them you can feel the stories your grandparents told you long ago; they're almost tangible, like mist in the air, like the beating heart of distant places. Statues, so ancient not even Jonathan Squirrel, our archivist and member of the town council remembers who carved them. And whispering waters, gurgling and flowing through Mousewood, from the homelike Treetrunk Café, around the Hedgehog's carpentry and the root fields of the burly wood dwarves.

As you can see, even on your own doorstep there are a magnitude of things to discover.
So, a long journey's very first step can be the most important one.

-Spitzweg, wayfarer and suslik, journal entry.